U.S. Opioid Deaths
Since 1999

Who We Are

Vilomah is a Sanskrit word meaning against a natural order that describes a parent who has lost a child.

In the U.S., our capitalist economic system, our carceral system of justice, and our counter-productive drug policies are in direct conflict with our maternal intuition and have led to a tremendous increase in premature, preventable deaths of despair, including overdoses, drug poisoning, gun violence, and suicide. As a result, there is a large and growing population of vilomahs who see this as a call to action to use our fierce, unconditional love to lead us to a more connected, compassionate society. In addition to creating memorial gardens, Vilomah Memorial Foundation aims to become a hub of resources and support for our community.

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Someday, society will come to fully understand the underlying cause of substance use, and those suffering will no longer be viewed as moral failures. They will be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. The catalyst for this change will be those of us who spoke up, and the true heroes will be recognized — our children who suffered in silence, and who paid the ultimate price.

Our Mission

To build a hub of resources for bereaved families, to create and maintain public gardens to memorialize our children, and to decrease the number of preventable deaths.

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We’re currently in the early stages of concept development and design. We are seeking input from professionals and vilomahs, so reach out if you want to grow with us.

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Latest News

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My Vilomah Moms' Group

September 13, 2021

Although we wish we had never met under these circumstances, we are grateful for each other. We share tough days and good days. We are connected. We are vilomahs.

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2020 Sees Record High Opioid Deaths

July 14, 2021

While opioid prescriptions have been curtailed, overdoses resulting from opioid use disorders continue to increase, with nearly 70,000 Americans dying from opioids in 2020. The death toll continues to be particularly bad among 25 to 44 year-olds.

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Soldiers in a War of Greed

July 13, 2021

The actions of Purdue Pharma, the failures of the FDA to protect us, and the willful disregard of the opioid crisis by health care providers and public officials has made our children casualities in a War of Greed.

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